It's your time! Take your position! Expand your territory!


The Esther Project welcomes you to an intimate three-day transformational experience. This Reveal Retreat 2020 will prepare you for the next level of your purposeful journey through life. Queen, the Reveal Retreat team is here to support you. You are not alone during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. We care about you, your well-being, and all that concerns you. The team looks forward to seeing you at the virtual retreat and celebrating the culmination of The Esther Project’s six-month journey. You are Resilient. You are Purposeful. You are a Queen.  You are Esther!


RESET the vision for your life. Get Unstuck. 

REPLENISH your inner spirit and your inner joy.

RESTORE the dreams in your heart and in your head.

REVEAL your inner queen and purpose.


Each year at the conclusion of The Esther Project Challenge, the Esther sisterhood gathers at the Reveal Retreat for the pinnacle experience in taking our position as intentional leaders and ambassadors for women's empowerment. It is a safe place to let go and allow God to minister to you while being surrounded by loving, caring sisters. The Reveal Retreat is the vehicle that God uses to launch us into our purpose!

This is a complimentary virtual event!!!




Reveal Retreat Hosts

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